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Changing DueDateTime incorrectly changes the due time on RTM


When I tried to change a task to a due date with time 18:00, it changed it to 6:00 on RTM.

When I change it to 13:30 it stores it on RTM as 1:30

Seems like it translates to AM/PM, but I dont see PM / AM in the 'due date' field on RTM.

Weird thing is, that once I load the task through IronCow, the time IS correct (as in 18:00 not 6:00) but this makes it hard to mix usage between RTM the website and my tool.

If it matters, I'm using 'Dutch' on the RTM website.
Closed May 9, 2012 at 6:08 PM by ludovic_chabant
Old bug...