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Request time limitation is too strict


Sometimes I encountered "The operation has timed out" exception. It is a fact that my net speed to RTM is slow.
This issue has been resolved after I directly modified my local copy of IronCow source code at Rest\RestClient.cs, line 55. origin this line is Timeout = 5000, I changed it to 50000.
My fixing is not good enough. It is better to set a configuration item for time out.

Here are exception detail in encountered when call rtm.CheckToken(storedToken, out auth).
System.Net.WebException was unhandled
Message="The operation has timed out"
   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   at IronCow.Rest.RestClient.GetRawResponse(String url, String variables) in ...\IronCow_0.4.13.0\IronCow\Rest\RestClient.cs:line 730
   at IronCow.Rest.RestClient.GetResponse(String method, NameValueCollection parameters, Boolean throwOnError) in ...\IronCow_0.4.13.0\IronCow\Rest\RestClient.cs:line 684
   at IronCow.Rtm.GetResponse(String method, NameValueCollection parameters, Boolean throwOnError) in ...\IronCow_0.4.13.0\IronCow\Rtm.cs:line 480
   at IronCow.Rtm.CheckToken(String token, Authentication& authentication) in ...\IronCow_0.4.13.0\IronCow\Rtm.cs:line 240
   at IconCowPOC.RtmHelper.GetAuthToken(Rtm rtm) in ...\IconCowPOC\IconCowPOC\RtmHelper.cs:line 56
   at IconCowPOC.RtmHelper.GetAuthenticatedRtm() in ...\IconCowPOC\IconCowPOC\RtmHelper.cs:line 29
   at IconCowPOC.RtmHelper.get_rtm() in ...\IconCowPOC\IconCowPOC\RtmHelper.cs:line 22
   at IconCowPOC.TaskForm.getRTMTasks() in ...\IconCowPOC\IconCowPOC\Form1.cs:line 37
Closed May 9, 2012 at 5:31 PM by ludovic_chabant


ludovic_chabant wrote May 9, 2012 at 5:31 PM

You can set the timeout with Rtm.Client.Timeout.