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IronCow - .NET API kit for Remember The Milk

IronCow is a .NET API that wraps the Remember The Milk (RTM) web services in a way that will hopefully make it easy for you to develop applications that consume RTM data. IronCow has two API layers:
  • The higher level layer is an object model that stays in sync with the server data. It is designed with WPF and Silverlight in mind, or any other framework that uses data binding and/or reflection. As such, it depends, at the moment, on the .NET Framework 3.0. The entry point is the Rtm class.
  • The lower level layer is a simple wrapper around RTM's REST requests and responses, similar to the Flickr.Net API. The entry point is the RestClient class, which has one .NET method per REST method from the RTM API.

Sample Code

IronCow for Powershell

IronCow ships with some Powershell Cmdlets that bring the power of RTM to the command line! Except for being super cool, it also serves as an example application of the IronCow API, so feel free to look at the code and see how it's done.

IronCow blog

You can get news and information regarding IronCow by subscribing to the IronCow category on my developer's blog.

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